Stopping High-Density Development  

The negative effects of unrestrained growth remains the driving force of my desire to serve you on the Board of County Supervisors.  For too long, residential projects were approved and basic infrastructure needs such as schools and roads were an afterthought. I ran to be your voice.  The voice of the frustrated commuter, the voice of the student and teacher, and the voice of the taxpayer who watched their real estate tax bills climb as a result of unbalanced growth.    


With the help of many residents, we successfully stopped the StoneHaven high density development in the Linton Hall Corridor.  Together we also blocked the rezoning of Strathmore along Vint HIll Road and Birkwood on Sudley Manor Dr. Our schools and roads are far better off without the added pressures of these projects.   I held my ground, and now an assisted living facility will be on the Birkwood site, and a large portion of StoneHaven has been rezoned for commercial use.


My commitment to smart growth also means a more concentrated effort on economic development.  For decades, the County’s commercial revenues have lagged far behind residential revenues, and that is not sustainable. Population growth is expected to continue, but I will only support rezonings that are limited and reasonable in order to preserve our commercial land and ease the strain on county services.

Join us! Help us continue to work for you!

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