Investing in Students, Teachers and Staff

Both of my children are products of Prince William public schools - my daughter graduated from  Patriot High School in 2016, and my son attends Patriot now.  I’ve enjoyed a great partnership with Brentsville’s School Board Member Gil Trenum as we strive to attract and retain the best teachers and staff so that all students can receive a high quality education and the skills for a secure future.


Unlike most jurisdictions, the Board of County Supervisors has a long standing Revenue Sharing Agreement with the PWC School Board.  This policy automatically shifts 57.23% of all tax revenues to education funding. Since I have been on the Board, education funding has increased by tens of millions of dollars each year.  Teachers have been given a step increase in pay for teachers each year I have been on the Board, and I’m proud that this year we are going a step further to propose a step increase and cost of living raise that exceeds the state pay raise.


I’ve supported, often in bipartisan fashion, additional investments above the Revenue Sharing threshold to put our students and teachers first. I pushed for smarter strategic planning  that funded an additional $21.2 million for school construction due to the dire need to increase student capacity for our next high school. This new model added 500 new seats and will ultimately save taxpayers $125 million on future building projects.    Other education initiatives I have approved include an annual $1 million class size reduction grant, more funding for security resource officers, and several million each year for Special Education Private Day Placement students. I also worked to locate additional walkable school sites like our Rosemont Lewis Elementary site which will save millions in land costs by using existing county property.  

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