Preserving the Rural Crescent and Historic Communities 

I’ve lived in Brentsville for over two decades.  Managing growth and preserving the Rural Crescent, one of the most unique and beautiful areas in our county, is the issue that drove me to become involved in local politics over ten years ago. As a result of my advocacy, the Rural Crescent has become a household name.


The fight continues to protect the Rural Crescent, and if re-elected I will continue to advocate against strategies such as rural clustering that will threaten our rural area and overwhelm our roads, schools, and county services.


The Brentsville District is rich in history and it’s important we know and learn from our community’s history.  This is why I am passionate about protecting our historic sites and areas. With my support, county staff has obtained various grants that enabled us to utilize planning tools that will help preserve pieces of local history such as the Carver Settlement, the Buckland Historic District and the Bristoe Station Battlefield.   I have also designated my own office savings to the rehabilitation project of the historic Brentsville Jail at the Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre. Finally, our historical resources can also serve as tourist attractions which benefits our local economy.

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