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For decades public schools at all levels have pushed a liberal agenda on our kids.  Their latest tactic is watering down of our curricula by eliminating advanced math and adding woke education ‘lessons’ like those taught through the lens of Critical Race Theory which does not make our kids better students or critical thinkers.  Instead, it only weakens their education and caps their potential.  I support ensuring our children hear all perspectives and debate the merit of different ideas.  Teaching history from only one perspective and angle is wrong.

Let me be clear: I oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory and all efforts from liberal interest groups to drive educational discussion to the far left.  We must stand up to the woke education interest groups who are poisoning public education.

In Congress, I will support giving parents more choice in their kid's education.  I support school choice initiatives that empower parents to make the educational decisions best for their children with their tax dollars.  Though funding public schools has ALWAYS been a priority of mine in office, we need to give parents the flexibility they need to make the best decisions they can for their children.

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