The bedrock to our Republic is free, fair, and reliable elections.  The United States will be in grave jeopardy if this bedrock ever crumbles.  In recent years, there has been a growing concern of rampant voter fraud.   The 2020 elections took our concerns to a whole new level.  Safeguards were dismissed or often referred to as racist although these claims were baseless.  In certain battleground states Democrat members of the executive branch of government circumvented election law and loosened or ignored protections to ensure the integrity of the vote.  Meanwhile, Big Tech and the Main Stream Media worked overtime to censor conservative candidates, voters and any organizations who expressed warning signs that the process was riddled with fraudulent opportunities.  By many accounts, it was a disaster.

Yet in the aftermath of the 2020 election, Democrats turned a blind eye to Article 1, Section 4 of the Constitution which clearly assigns the state legislatures with authority to conduct elections.  As their top priority, Speaker Pelosi pushed House Resolution 1 paradoxically named “For the People Act.”   This bill’s purpose is to destroy the 2-party system by federalizing elections so the Democrats can hold power permanently.  HR1 passed on a party line vote except for 1 Democrat voting with every Republican member in the House. 

As your representative in Congress, I will oppose legislation like HR1 and repeals of common sense protections which safeguard the integrity of our elections.  You need a photo ID to buy cough medicine, you should need a photo ID to vote.  It is not complicated!