I'm honored to have the support of many of the Conservative leaders you trust.

Ken Cuccinelli
Former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

"Jeanine is a principled conservative we can trust to stand up for our values in Washington and defend the Constitution from government overreach.”

Elise Stefanik
House Republican Conference Chair

“Jeanine Lawson is a tested, proven conservative who has shown she can win, even in deep blue Northern Virginia.”

Glen Hill
Prince William County Sheriff

“I proudly stand with Jeanine … She has a strong record of supporting law enforcement and standing up to the dangerous defund the police agenda.”

Nick Freitas

“As a steadfast supporter of the Constitution, Jeanine will continue to fight for our values in Washington, D.C.”

Debbie Rose
Former Loudoun County School Board

“On the Board of Supervisors, as a mother, and as a leader in her community, Jeanine Lawson has demonstrated her character and conservative principles for the last two decades. Jeanine has my full support to be our next representative in Congress.”

Morton Blackwell
Founder of Leadership Institute and VA GOP National Committeeman

“I enthusiastically support Jeanine Lawson in her campaign for U.S. Congress. Jeanine is the proven conservative candidate in the race with a record of defending our principles without compromise. I trust that Jeanine will continue to champion our values in Congress. I am glad to join with many other conservative leaders and friends in supporting her and taking back the 10th District in Virginia.”

Dick Black
Former State Senator

“I am pleased to endorse Jeanine Lawson to be our next representative in Congress. Jeanine has a proven record of winning against strong Democrat opposition while never wavering from her conservative beliefs. In Congress, Jeanine will be a fighter for conservative values and will put an end to the destructive agenda of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the radical left.”

Bob Marshall
Former Delegate

“In the 22+ years I have known Jeanine Lawson, she has consistently valued the lives of preborn children and supported traditional values that protect the moral fabric of society. We need a strong, conservative fearless pro-life woman representing the 10th Congressional District. Please support Jeanine Lawson for Congress.”

Mike Dunlap
Former Lovettsville Town Council