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Competition is often the answer which is why we need more free market solutions to our healthcare system.  By nature, competition will create more options in the health care industry and force companies to be more efficient.  Patients deserve more transparency in billing and portability of insurance across state lines so families can choose the insurance plan that is best for them over government mandates.


Before a patient’s procedure the cost should be clearer, so patients know upfront what is and is not covered by their insurance plan.  This will also allow people to freely seek other opinions or facilities which will better prepare the patient and their family and end most post op surprise billings.  All these competitive principles will drive health care prices down.


Another key change needed in our healthcare system is protection for providers to exercise their freedom of conscience that object to abortion as a procedure.  This is a constitutional right so the ongoing battle the government has against caregivers like the Little Sisters of the Poor is wrong and must end!

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