Conservatives must be the champion for the small business owners as they recover from the devastation COVID-19 caused.   They are the lifeblood of the American economy and prior to the pandemic small business optimism was at a 35 year high because of President Trump’s rollback of regulations and tax cuts.    Now they are struggling to climb out of the Covid hole while facing new challenges such as supply chain disruptions and a labor shortage.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon Congress to create business friendly policies that will lay the groundwork to return them to days of record prosperity and optimism.  Contrary to what President Biden and Democrats support, hiking taxes and a minimum wage in this challenging business environment will be a death knell for many small businesses.   

As the Brentsville Supervisor, I have worked closely with business owners to understand the challenges they face locally.   I was proud to champion new initiatives that streamline the arduous permit process for a targeted industry, oppose tax hikes, and support other policies that remove unnecessary regulations so business owners can open their doors sooner.  My district has been blessed with over 40 new businesses and $4 billion dollars of investments.  In Congress I will work tirelessly to advance legislation that favors small business owners and encourages economic freedoms.