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The Constitution

As an elected official, I took an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, and I meant it.  This governing document had never existed before in the history of the world.   In their brilliance, our Founding Fathers were guided by God to create this extraordinary Constitution rooted in liberty, separation of powers, and self-government.  For the last 230+ years our Constitution has served as a model and inspiration to mankind across the world.  It deserves our utmost reverence.


Democrat Leadership has demonstrated a hostility for the US Constitution.  Radical bills like HR1 and HR5, and unconstitutional executive orders and attempts by President Biden to skirt Congress are a direct assault on the Constitution.   In the first six months, the Biden Administration has scored a litany of court losses for their constitutional violations and discriminatory practices.  They even accomplished a unanimous Supreme Court ruling against their position in Terry v. United States.